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UPDATE: 1972 – The year a little known event occurred that changed forever our future and that of our planet, superseding all prophecy. October 3, 2014

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To me – this is interesting reading

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

UPDATE: Alfred Webre comments on this article:

NOTE ON THE POSITIVE TIMELINE & DIMENSIONAL SHIFT I tend to favor the final conclusion [of article linked below] that the entire population ascends in dimensional shift.

Two points:

1. David Sukuzi – A few years ago, I had a public Q&A dialogue in Vancouver with Suzuki at a couple of public events on the issue of ET disclosure and event the existence of ETs, and even publicly he was not willing to affirm the existence of ET life.

2. I find it interesting that the figure mentioned below is the same as in the original GA Guidestones – 500 million; and that now (when there has been a 2014 addition to the GA Guidestones) this Chapter concludes that universal ascension is the outcome. It is as though both the GA Guidestones and the Chapter have transformed and come to the same conclusion…

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