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If it isn’t simple, it isn’t accurate. July 10, 2014

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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

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Lately, I’ve been reading ‘murder mysteries’.  Invariably, people are dragged into the cop-shop and interrogated.  When I read how people answer the infuriating questions, I always think: Hell, I wouldn’t have answered that question.  I figure that the mere fact that the cops are asking any questions, at all, proves that they don’t actually know if the culprit murdered anyone, not to mention, isn’t this the job of a prosecutor in court?  Isn’t it he who ought to be asking the questions?  It’s all just more drama for them – thinking of creative ways to get someone to admit his guilt, only to fill their days because they have nothing more constructive to do.  

Once these people are in court, they are not only asked the same questions asked previously but also now to answer “under oath”.  So as not to lie…

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