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Grasping at Strauss November 2, 2009

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A calamity has befallen the dance floor of Congress; The unique Obama Waltz that became a compelling fad last year has lost its charm to such an extent that many dancers have abandoned the floor, exposing the feet of its Dancing Queen and King to the gaze of the we the judges. This could bring disaster to these master pirouettists because their steps are not the prescribed ones and no matter how they gesture and pose this is becoming apparent.
To mitigate this potentially catastrophic situation the major news services that play their music have slipped into a traditional Strauss-like melody, manufacturing false polls that create the illusion of a resurgent economy so that dancers of Congress will return to the floor, hiding the deceptive footwork of Nancy and Harry from close scrutiny by the judges.
But although nearly all of the news media’s musicians are cooperating some discordant notes are seeping through to the public because common sense says that we will pay a severe penalty for the many counterfeit dollars they have printed to pay “stimulus” bribes and the trillions more thay aim to give away through health care “reform” and a global warming hysteria “Carbon Trading” scam.
Americans need no special knowledge to realize that the enormous debt of these schemes will lock them into servience to their servants in government.  Most of us are keenly aware that the people we elect have the power to take our homes, jail us, or even condemn us to death by neglect if we do not pay what they demand.
The “clinker” notes come from rogue news musicians who remind us that we cannot have something for nothing, that wild spending by government will bring personal bankrupcy to we who support it.  Those of us who have not been trained by Talking Heads and persuasive pundits to ignore discordant sounds cannot accept that the main noise we hear is the “true reality.
The judging of this year’s competition is near its final decision.  Did manipulation of the music hide the false steps or will the flawed footwok be recognized by the judges?Will Congress remain in lockstep with Twinkletoes and Fuzzy to cover their deficiencies of conscience and substance?  Or will a majority perceive the game in progress and reject the insanity of this Chaemera*?
We shall see this next week if the contest is to be won once again by masterful deceivers who have fooled most of us most of the time, knowing that they do not need to fool all of us all of the time to walk away with the prize of total control over America’s future.
** Note that I define “chaemera” per Webster’s; “an illusion or fabrication of the mind; especially : an unrealizable dream”.
Heaven forfend that anyone would think I refer to its alternate definitions; — “an imaginary monster compounded of incongruous parts” or “a fire-breathing she-monster in Greek mythology having a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail.”


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