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Atmospheric Carbon Reduction and global cooling May 10, 2009

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It appears obvious that the huge reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide demanded by Al Gore and his following who are enriching themselves by predicting doom cannot be achieved without a combination of the following:

a) Huge reductions the amount of CO2 exhaled and methane flatulence of humans and animals.

b) Huge increases in the cost of heat and energy from fossil fuels.

c) Dramatic increases in taxation to fund a crash program of “Carbon Capture and Burial”.

d) Direct carbon taxes that take over $2100 from each household on average, with the middle class losing more dollars than the low-income half of America’s population but not suffering as badly for their loss as this sector.

e) Indirect carbon taxes that take even more than this through “Cap-and-Trade” legislation.
  Politicians are now arguing about the balance they should strike in applying these “corrections”.  Yet  no scientist has produced credible evidence that reducing carbon dioxide in the air would provide any climate or environmental benefits whatsoever.  On the contrary, many scientists have shown beyond question that carbon dioxide in the air is a result of natural global warming, not its cause.  For this reason any and all of the “corrective actions” being contemplated would be a huge misuse and theft of public wealth that would bring a massive increase in the cost of living along with a major decline in its standard of living. 

  Why hasn’t the American public been made aware of these obvious truths?  The only plausible explanation I can see is that an element of its private sector has bought-coerced-bribed itself into virtually total control over the news-advertising-entertainment media and is using this to maintain a massive propaganda and misinformation barrage that confuses the public and deafens it to the words of conscientious experts.

  “Fighting Global Warming” is lunacy.  Sensible, honest politicians would be devising ways to take advantage of this natural process while preparing for the potential disaster of sudden global cooling.  Many scientists now say we have lost the opportunity that global warming brought to improve our economic and scientific conditions because cooling has already set in and seems likely to bring a worldwide drought.  If so then we will need crash programs to compensate for a colder and drier climate.

  If Earth”s population does not learn to choose wise and honest politicians in local elections so that the quality of the national pool is improved then it is certain to be afflicted with extreme suffering and widespread warfare.
Brendan O’Neill interviewed Christopher Monckton, the Third Viscount of Benchley and well-known climate change sceptic,in regard to Al Gore’s refusal to debate the global warming issue.


  Who is behind the Virginia-based Pew Center on Global Climate Change? 
  Why does PBS depend so heavily upon this organization for funding and research?

  The European Commission has stated that more than €80 billion of state aid for the coal industry was approved over the decade 1994 to 2005.  The Socialist governments of Europe are taxing the public to support this industry and then taxing them for using its products.  Citizens have to be seriously ignorant-naive-gullible to accept this theft of their wealth.

  Why has China reportedly ceased to resist limits on its carbon dioxide emissions?
  Why does it now want an international deal to “Fight Global Warming”?
  The answer to these questions also explains why Nancy Pelosi is obsessed with pushing a huge carbon tax through Congress, disguised as “Cap and Trade”.
  She and they realize that a majority of the public no longer accepts this scam and may soon throw out politicians who are pushing it.  This would prevent their criminal element masters from robbing the public of several hundred billion dollars yearly.  
  The Chicago Tribune, New York Times and Boston Globe are facing bankruptcy because they pushed this scam too hard for too long, so that even their predominantly liberal readers no longer trusted what they published.



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